Are you an aspiring writer of self-help, fiction, nonfiction, or business and in need of help getting that book out of your head and into print? Perhaps you are on the 50-yard line but need help pushing into the end zone. Or maybe you can see the finished book in your hands but have a few rough spots to clear before that happens. You have come to the write place…or the right place.

Michael Gray
Executives have coaches. Athletes have coaches. Salespeople have coaches. And believe it or not, writers have coaches. We all need someone to keep us accountable, to set goals, to bounce ideas off of and to edit rough drafts. A writing coach is the answer.

Coaching writers is fun for me. I am good at it too, because I know what it takes to get a book published. I can coach and guide you in writing your own story. I will set goals and hold you accountable for reaching them. I will help your story flow more smoothly and spice it up to grab the reader’s attention. I can game-plan plot twists and characters with you. I can do as much or as little as you need.

Maybe you just need help on the structure and layout of the book. Do you need a table of contents? A cover or back cover design? Illustrations or photo inserts? A glossary or index? I can handle any of these for you.

There are many decisions to make before arriving at a published book, and you may be stumped trying to decide what you want in the finished product. Do you want it to be hardback or paperback? Should you include a photograph section? What quality of paper do you want to use? I can help make these decisions with you or for you.

I can also rewrite your work, or simply organize and polish your existing material. If needed, I will copyedit and proofread, as well. In short, I can be the Book Doctor you need for your unique project.
I can be your writing coach on all types of books:

Genre Fiction
Creative Nonfiction
How-to Books
Business Books
Children’s Books
In addition to my coaching services, if you need help navigating the publishing world, I can be your guide. I will show you how to get your book published or get your book published for you.

Call me at 214.377.1125 to discuss how I can get your book finished and in your hands before you know it. I’m the ghost writing service you have been looking for.


You keep all the copyrights, royalties and profits. You get all the credit. It’s just that simple.

I’m waiting for your call and we can get started on your important project!

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