Many folks have a splendid, exciting, shocking or even thrilling story to tell yet they never get around to putting it down in writing. You may be someone who possesses such life experiences you would like to pass down to others but finding the time to put them down into a marketable story may have simply eluded you. If so, I can help. I have years of experience turning life stories into readable books for my clients’ family, friends and the general reading public.

I am well versed in the following areas:

  • Memoir
  • Autobiography
  • Life Story
  • Personal Experiences
  • Lessons Learned Book
  • Christian Literature

I have the knowledge and expertise to present your life story in a thrilling and compelling manner that can be turned into a published book and marketed. Please call me at 214-377-1125 and let me show you how I can craft the perfect story of your life.

The Process of Writing a Memoir or Autobiography

Writing a Memoir or Autobiography is a special enjoyment for me. It allows me to get to know you and work side by side as I paint all of your life experiences across a broad canvas. Once I start the process of narrowing your story down, writing the heart of what is uniquely you, you will discover how entertaining and gratifying it can be.

I start the process by interviewing you on the phone or in-person to capture every aspect of your life. I will ask you broad questions and you will talk about your personal history. It’s as simple as that. I will digitally record our interviews and send you a copy for your records. Once I have gathered all the important background material, I will craft the fabric of your life into a fascinating book that will amaze your family and friends.

Another type of Memoir or Autobiography is the “Lessons Learned” or “Personal Experiences” book. I write those as well. In fact, that type of Memoir or Autobiography is very popular right now.

You may also want to write some of the content. If so I am able to help coach you and make your work even better. I will bring your story not only into the light, but to life. I will make it stand out among all the books at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com.

Comfortable and Enjoyable

I love the opportunity to get to know my clients as we work together to relate their life story and we usually end up becoming quite close. When you find the right ghostwriter, writing your Memoir or Autobiography is a relaxing and fun experience, just like reminiscing about good times with a comfortable friend. I promise you will enjoy working with me.

I’m Ready to Get Started on Your Memoir or Autobiography

Leave your life story here on earth for all of us including your children and grandchildren to enjoy. Please don’t take it to heaven with you. Feel free to give me a call and let me show you how I can craft the perfect story of your life. Call me now at 214-377-1125 to find out what a professional ghostwriter can do for you and why more and more authors are choosing Texas Ghostwriter for their Memoir or Autobiography.


You keep all the copyrights, royalties and profits. You get all the credit. It’s just that simple.

I’m waiting for your call and we can get started on your important project!

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