Memoirs and Autobiographies

You have a story tell that the rest of us truly want to know. Please don’t take it to heaven with you. Leave it here with us to enjoy. When I write your memoir or autobiography, you will see how incredible your story actually is. And the process is simple. You start talking and I start writing. It’s just that simple. The finished product will be just what you imagined: stunning and vibrant. You family, friends and clients will agree. Read More

Business Biographies

You have built and successfully run a company. Your journey through the long and winding road from nothing to something is a story that needs to be told. I can help you tell it.

Are you a pioneer in your field? Do others look at you that way? Maybe you are working in a business that someone else started. A book about the company’s history could help your branding. It could also add esprit de corps for employees and vendors. I can write that book.

Do you have some special wisdom or knowledge that company employees need to know? Perhaps you have children working in the business who should understand its roots and what the company has done to provide for your family. Or perhaps you have grandchildren who will never know the whole story unless someone puts it in writing and leaves it behind for them. A Business Biography tells the story while enduring the effects of time. Read More

 Expert Books

A personal injury lawyer looking to increase his client base. A doctor wanting to add credibility to her practice. A CPA. A personal trainer. A consultant. All of these professionals will add strength and power to their marketing with an Expert Book.

Produce one of these books, place a copy on your website, and you have instant credibility with prospective clients. You are now an expert in the prospect’s eyes. You are saying, “I wrote the book on personal injury law. No really I wrote the book.” More and more professionals are writing books to market themselves and their businesses. It makes that much of a difference! Of course, when they sell the books they do make money.” Read More

Fiction Novel

Almost everyone has a great idea for a Fiction Novel yet not everyone has actually written a Fiction Novel. Stop putting it off and let’s get started together. You and I will create a wonderful novel with colorful characters, thrilling scenes and wicked plot twists. I will help you get published so you will have a printed book in your hands, one you can autograph for family, friends and buyers.

When you call me, we will begin creating the outline and exploring your idea from all angles. As the chapters are written, you will edit and approve them watching the book come to life before your very eyes. We will craft the theme, the setting and decide on a style. And we can work at whatever pace you like. Some of my clients want to get the book done within a month. Others are fine with six months or longer. The choice is yours. Read More

You keep all the copyrights, royalties and profits. You get all the credit. It’s just that simple.

I’m waiting for your call and we can get started on your important project!

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