Fiction Novel

Writing fiction is fun because unlike memoirs and life stories, your story is not constrained to the facts. You and I are able to create new characters and plot twists whenever we like. And that’s what makes it so exciting; we are creating a whole ‘nother world.

Each week I work on a different fiction novel. This includes finalizing the manuscript, selecting the publishing company, getting the cover designed, going over the layout, and planning the marketing. It’s always exciting as we near the first day the book will be sold to the public. The anticipation builds. So now I have to ask you: when are you going to get your novel completed and finally see your name in print? Call me now at 214-377-1125 and let’s discuss how together, we can get your project published.

Fiction Book Genres

Do you need a ghostwriter for a fiction novel? I write in the following genres:

Suspense Thrillers
Action and Adventure
Science Fiction
Crime, Mystery and Detective
Fantasy and Horror
And many others….
As your fiction writer I can help you craft a wonderful story in any of these genres.

Fiction Writing Process

If all you have is a great idea, that’s good enough. I can take your great idea and create an outline of the plot, a story arc, a list of characters and the setting. Then you and I can review everything and make adjustments as we see fit. As I begin writing chapters, I will send them to you for review, editing and feedback.

We will generate a theme. A theme is the overall idea or message in the story. There might be more than one. If a theme was a business, it would be simple: make a profit. For Star Wars, you could say the theme was that democracy should be favored over dictatorship. The same could be said for the Hunger Games. Making sure we have a solid theme is important because the entire story including the characters’ reactions to problems spring from a well-thought-out theme.

Once the theme is in the books, you and I will study the setting or story world. The Hunger Games had a unique story world. So did Star Wars. But not all fiction novels have special settings. For example, a small town is a setting but it can be like the small town in the TV series Friday Night Lights; something we can experience ourselves unlike the story world of Star Wars or The Hunger Games. Getting the story world right is important because it provides the framework for understanding the characters as they move through the world you and I create.

With the story world created, we will carefully lay out the characters including protagonists, antagonists, sidekicks and secondary characters. Depending on the importance of each character, you and I will craft their back stories, life goals, desires and fears. That’s right fears. Even Indiana Jones was deathly afraid of something: snakes.

After all that work we will outline the plot, individual scenes, plot twists and come up with a style. Style is the point of view from which the story is told such as first person, third person, a child’s voice, an uneducated poor person’s viewpoint or many others. The choices are endless.

When that’s completed, I will begin drafting a chapter and sending it to you for review. We will bounce ideas off one another just as all the top fiction writers do. Before long, we will have a completed book. My personal best is twenty-nine days although most projects take longer because my clients like to make a lot of changes and think about the story as we go through the process. I work at whatever pace you are comfortable with.
Writing a fiction novel is fun especially when you have someone to help you with it. Let’s get your novel written, published and selling. You won’t believe how good it looks on your desk. Call me now at 214-377-1125 to discuss your fiction project.


You keep all the copyrights, royalties and profits. You get all the credit. It’s just that simple.

I’m waiting for your call and we can get started on your important project!

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