A personal injury lawyer looking to increase his client base. A doctor wanting to add credibility to her practice. A CPA desiring to beef up his reputation. A personal trainer. A salesperson. A consultant. All of these professionals will add strength, power, and credibility to their marketing with an Expert Book.

With your own Expert Book on display on your website, you become an expert in the prospective client’s eyes and have instant credibility. You are saying, “I wrote the book on personal injury law. No, really, I wrote the book.” More and more professionals are writing books not only to make money selling them, but to market themselves and their businesses. It makes that much of a difference!

An Expert Book tells prospective clients and employers that you have the knowledge others lack. When your competitors aren’t able to take the time to write a book, you have a huge advantage because guess what, you did take the time to write a book. Since most people don’t even know how to get a book published, they automatically view anyone who has written a book as an expert. You have a secret weapon that will get you that expert status without sacrificing your precious time…a ghost writer.

To get your Expert Book going, simply talk to me in person or on the phone and we’ll start writing your book together. If you already have an outline of your book and some of it is written, and you just need help getting that book out of your head and into print, I can do that too. You simply dictate your thoughts to a digital file and email it to me, along with the outline and any work you have already done. I can compose the chapters, copyedit your transcript, proofread the final version, and get it published and in your hands quickly.

With TexasGhostWriter.com, you retain the copyrights, you make all the money from selling it, and you get all the credit. I’m a ghost writer. No one need know I even exist!
Don’t wait any longer. Establish yourself now as an expert in your industry. Share your expertise. Start generating more business and more clients.

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You keep all the copyrights, royalties and profits. You get all the credit. It’s just that simple.

I’m waiting for your call and we can get started on your important project!

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