You have built and successfully run a company. Your journey through the long and winding road from nothing to something is a story that needs to be told. I can help you tell it.

Are you a pioneer in your field? Do others look at you that way? Maybe you are working in a business that someone else started. A book about the company’s history could help your branding. It could also add esprit de corps for employees and vendors. I can write that book.

Do you have some special wisdom or knowledge that company employees need to know? Perhaps you have children working in the business who should understand its roots and what the company has done to provide for your family. Or perhaps you have grandchildren who will never know the whole story unless someone puts it in writing and leaves it behind for them. A Business Biography tells the story while enduring the effects of time.

Today, many successful companies and entrepreneurs have Business Biographies written about them. Some are written in third-person form telling the story about the founders and employees, both past and present. Others are told in autobiographical form by the founder or CEO. Either way, a Business Biography tracks the background of the start of your company. It describes the first day, the first week, and the first month, and will weave in the founder’s initial excitement and enthusiasm with the company’s early challenges to stay alive. It will follow the main “characters” as the business grows, struggles, and grows even more.

Personal stories intersect with the business so that the reader comes to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the main contributors to its creation. If appropriate, I will include anecdotes by employees and these main characters in their own words. The end result will be a thrilling ride of corporate success of which any founder or CEO will be proud.

I find there are many reasons why companies commission me to ghostwrite a Business Biography. It makes an excellent tool for marketing your business and should be distributed at special events. It will highlight awards and achievements. It will document the systems and methodologies ingrained in the fabric of the company. It will even help your business rise above the competition; a Business Biography sent to relevant reporters and magazines will help generate more press.
When I am commissioned as a ghostwriter for a Business Biography, I interview the main contributor, be it the founder, the CEO, or the investor. If desired, I will interview other employees and vendors as well. I will learn the ins and outs of the business and document its beginnings. Using the information gathered, I will put together an exciting, readable, fun and coherent story that creates a positive image for the company and its contributors. Your Business Biography will be an enduring special treasure.

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